WowYow's Visual AI technology identifies and catalogs new visual ad inventory from publisher video content, opening up new opportunities for brands to connect with their target consumer.

Now, each person, product, place, service and more within a video is available as a demand source.

Increase awareness and consideration for your products, services, articles, and social channels by targeting viewers where they are already looking!

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Connect visual inventory to:

Articles/Blog Posts | Home & Landing Pages | Product & Service Pages | Social Media Profiles

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Purchase Media at Scale

Reach your target audience, acquire new website visitor, and grow your sales in a more natural and engaging way.

With cloud-based visual advertisements, brands can purchase new inventory that spans video, publisher verticals, and various video platforms, in real time and at a fraction of the cost!

As an advertiser, you benefit from access to a highly-targeted captive audience watching brand relevant video content, and so much more.

WowYow’s advertising platform offers flexibility, transparency, and efficiency... everything
you need to grow your business!


6% CTR

2017 Benchmark

8% CTR

2018 Benchmark

Outperforming display and preroll!

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