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WowYow uses video as a base for exploration, opening up new revenue streams for publishers.
With WowYow publishers can expand their advertising base while providing viewers with a more engaging experience.

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WowYow’s object recognition technology
creates new opportunities within video.

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The free plugin that turns your website videos into a clickable experience viewers love.

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“The plugin has exponentially increased our revenue streams in ways we never thought possible. Not only are we seeing a massive return on the content we create, but viewers are more engaged than ever before.”

Preston Roeschlein,


“Our members have created some awesome videos and we have always wanted to encourage more interaction with our audience on our site. It is amazing how the WowYow Plugin adds another layer of interaction where viewers can discover more just by clicking on different things in the videos. On top of that it allows our members to receive revenue just for making creative content. It is a win for everyone and we are huge fans.”

Marc Chew,


“The Wowyow Plug-in, is the first step in the evolution of how video content is both watched and monetized. The team behind the tech is both attentive and professional and they work tirelessly to help to create a very concise and easy to understand experience tailored to the consumer and the publisher’s needs. Cannot be recommended enough.”

Steve Barton,

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