About WowYow

Our Mission is to Provide Affordable and Accessible
Applied AI Solutions

WowYow was founded on the quest to answer one simple question: Why can't I search what's inside a video? Without a clear, simple answer, WowYow created a solution.

That solution led to the thriving business in the media industry. But the curiosity that built the foundation of our technology and company left us with another question: what more can our technology do?

Now our goal is to make WowYow technology accessible to businesses of any industry. It's not just for advertising anymore. Welcome to the next generation of WowYow, WowYow AI.

From Tech

Since 2016, WowYow has been using its computer vision technology in the media industry to analyze publisher video content and to serve billions of contextually relevant advertisements.

To Savvy

But then we realized that our technology is flexible and expansive. With teamwork and innovation, our computer vision can adapt to any industry’s needs.

With a Vision

The applications are endless. With WowYow AI , we can help you deploy scalable and cost-efficient applied AI solutions across a wide variety of industries.

Data & Accomplishments

Get the Facts
We’ve established ourselves as a reliable leader in AI. Here are some statistics:

Ad Impressions Served

We’ve helped countless advertisers and publishers serve ads through our Contextual Exchange.


Domains in Exchange

We have  over 21K domains within our Contextual Exchange.


Videos Processed

With WowYow's patented CPU based processing technology.


Computer Vision Detectors

For reference, Amazon only has 7.


Cost-Effective AI

This is the cost to process 1 minute of video with ALL our detectors.


Revenue Growth

From 2021-2022.


Unique in Experience,
Unity in Strength
We value uniqueness and the ability to apply one’s perspective for the benefit of the whole. Every person has a story, and we thrive from the diverse experiences each story brings. Whether you are an employee, partner, or investor, we believe that coming together to achieve a common goal is what makes us strong.

Advisory Board

In order to provide affordable and accessible technology we enlisted the help of leading experts to advise and guide us along the way.

Our Philosophy

This is How We Embrace a
Growing Team

The Explorer

Explorers don't wish to be stagnant. Instead, they want to seek new opportunities. You are an openminded, adventurous soul who is always willing to try new things.

The Chef

Chefs follow recipes but also experiment with new ones. They are experts in the flavors that go together, and they know exactly which ones you shouldn't play around with. If you are a chef, then you try your best to create quality in both look and content.

The World Leader

If you are a word leader, then you are social and empathetic. You listen to others and want to help. You inspire the people around you. A world leader wants to create change for the better and tries to solve problems diplomatically.

The Performer

The performer is extroverted and witty. Authenticity is the most important trait in a performer. They are clever, vocal, and love to share about the good stuff. If you are a performer, you certainly know how to get everyone's attention.

The Scientist

If you are a scientist, then you like to use knowledge to make discoveries. You are logic first, emotions second. You take your time to make a hypothesis, observe, and analyze. Scientists use their capabilities to create change.

The Student

Everyone is a student. You are always learning and growing. We learn from our superiors, our peers, and even ourselves. A love for learning is imperative at WowYow, since we are evergrowing into so many new industries.

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