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A Word From Your AI Ally

Marketing in the digital realm can be daunting, but there are a lot of ways to navigate it and find successful solutions. As a company whose foundation was built on ad tech, WowYow is happy to say that we’ve helped thousands of companies maximize revenue and reach their target audiences in more cost-effective and efficient ways.

Now, we want to offer you some successful strategies we’ve learned over the years that will optimize the use of your ads and prepare you for the coming changes in 3rd party data laws.

This one is Marketing 101, right? But it can be a lot harder than it seems! Finding your audience can be tricky, especially if you’re a newer or smaller business. It really all depends on WHO you’re speaking to and WHY. Maybe you’re speaking to college students to help them find a resource center on campus. Maybe you’re speaking to middle-aged men to get them to buy supportive men’s sneakers. Maybe you’re speaking to kids to get them to watch a new animated film. 

Whoever the audience may be, you have to make sure to ask yourself what the purpose of your ad is. This will help inform you on where you need to place your ads and what format the ads should be in. 

With that being said, understanding your target audience doesn’t guarantee their engagement. Consumers are smart, and unless your ads are relevant and eye-catching to them, they’re not going to pay attention. One way to connect and engage with your audience is to…

One of the best innovations in ad tech is interactive ads. Why? It allows the audience to pursue their curiosities in a fun and engaging way. Plus, giving users interactive ads adds a layer of comfort, as they have the option to interact with the ad or not (consumers love options). 

There are many ways to make an ad interactive. WowYow has a wide range of interactive ad products that showcase relevant ads. But here is the twist - WowYow doesn't make advertiser ads interactive. We focus on publisher content, the content that makes up webpages, apps, and more. Because this is where the audience and viewers consume the content, we make that content interactive and shoppable and drive audiences to you! We use context (metadata) derived from that content to connect to your storefront, social channels, blogs, and more. For example, WowYow’s visual search ads allow the user to click on their onscreen interests, and they’ll be led to relevant articles, search landing pages, or commerce pages. Advertisers like you can pay to gain access to hyper-targeted audiences and highly qualified traffic. You can view this product and more here.

True Video Gaming is one of the more fun ways WowYow makes content more interactive. WowYow’s True Gaming adds a new game layer on top of original visual content. Check out a few examples here…

With the controversy of cookies and 3rd party data invading user privacy, there is a lot less trust in the digital advertising market. However, cookies are going away, and this means advertisers will have to find ways to target audiences without the use of cookies. As a company, you need to position yourself as a reliable, safe source of relevant ads for viewers. (Click here to learn more about the erasure of cookies and how you can get ahead of the game.)

Enter contextual-based advertising. Context is the new currency that WowYow has used successfully since its inception. Rather than extracting invasive information about users to retarget ads, using context is actually more efficient and protects user privacy. Let me explain what exactly “context” is…

WowYow’s technology obtains context by extracting metadata from CONTENT rather than the user in order to target audiences. Let’s say Jane is visiting a lifestyle website. She clicks on a page about skin care. WowYow’s technology will analyze the page - NOT the user - and the content within it (videos, images, text, and more) to identify relevant brands, topics, and other helpful information; this information is called metadata, and it gives us the context we need to target YOUR ads to relevant audiences. If you’re an advertiser with an ad about a new line of facial toner, then WowYow tech would automatically insert your ad into this specific ad space. That ad space could be - a preroll, an interactive ad unit, banner, text, game, etc. (Find out more about using context through our Contextual Exchange.)

Using context rather than private information is MORE efficient and will become MANDATORY in the coming years. In the long run, using context will save you and other advertisers a lot of time and money.

Brand safety is key for any business in any industry. The fact of the matter is, if your brand is coupled with something irrelevant or inappropriate, your audience will lose interest or even associate your brand with negative connotations. That’s why relevancy is so important.

If you’re an advertiser, it’s important that you make sure you know where your ads are being placed or use a trusted company that automates brand-safety processes for you. Forbes Magazine reported that many digital marketing companies have brand-safety technology that doesn’t actually work, resulting in many clients’ ads showing up on fake sites or sites that were inappropriate for the client's needs. WowYow not only generates safe ads, but we also personally check our publisher sites. We approve and add publishers to our own network, the Contextual Exchange, so you know your ads are living in safe sites. We apply our technology rather than rely on it, making sure we have people working in conjunction with our tech.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your ads are basically funding the site that you’re on. So if you’re a company that is all about cruelty-free products, but your ads are showing up on sites notorious for animal cruelty, then guess what people are going to think of your brand? Probably not what you want. Plus, your ad would be generating revenue for a company that you may not want to support.

Guaranteeing brand safety might sound scary, but there are ways to do it. You just need to make sure you are placing your ads with trusted publishers OR that you are using a trusted company to do it for you. (Learn how WowYow can help you automate brand-safety here.)

Applying These Strategies

You don’t have to apply ALL these strategies - and definitely not at the same time. Change can be daunting, so you should allow yourself to take your time and find the right solutions for YOU. WowYow offers a consultant service for our media solutions, so if you need to talk to someone about your options, make sure to reach out. 

The digital advertising industry is going to be facing some tough changes within the next few years with the new privacy laws, so applying these strategies now will prepare you for success. All it takes is a pinch of innovation, a dash of passion, and a whole lot of context. 

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