WowYow is Offering Publishers 100% Revenue-Share Earnings for iOS Ad Inventory

As publishers try to navigate through Apple's iOS privacy changes, WowYow offers cookie-free solutions that are affordable and will fill 100% of ad inventory.
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Bad News, Good News

The cookie apocalypse has already begun, and publishers are struggling to stand their ground in an increasingly cookie-less world. Luckily, WowYow AI is offering publishers accessible and affordable solutions that will help target audiences, fill ad inventory, and maximize ad revenue without the use of cookies. 

Wait, what’s happening?

Media Post journalist and industry expert, Ray Shultz, describes the reality that publishers are facing in his article: “Apple Privacy Changes Lead to Unsold iOS Inventory.” Shultz explains that because iOS users are opting out of app tracking, publishers are no longer able to fill all their iOS ad inventory. These users “account for 66% of traffic, but only 4% is being monetized because advertisers are using audience segments that don’t work in iOS environments.”

An offer you can’t refuse - WOW!

WowYow AI's CMO, Jarett Boskovich, weighs in on the challenges faced by media buys based on audience targeting in the wake of Apple's privacy changes. Boskovich states that he's glad to see other companies developing solutions to address the issue. To help publishers facing unmonetized inventory due to privacy laws, WowYow is offering 100% revenue-share earnings on all ad fill for iOS inventory across publisher sites, leveraging its entire demand monetization stack from WowYow's Contextual DSP to maximize ad fill for all. WowYow is committed to providing solutions to help publishers and advertisers adapt to the cookie deprecation.

WowYow’s mission is to provide accessible and affordable AI solutions for all, and they are committed to helping media companies adapt to the changing media landscape. If you or your company are interested in taking advantage of this offer, contact or visit our Contact page.