WowYow Responds to Microsoft's New AI Advertising Strategy

Read our response to Adweek's article on Microsoft's new advertising strategies! Get some advice from your favorite AI experts!
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Last week, Adweek's reporter, Catherine Perloff, wrote a fascinating article: "Microsoft Details How Advertising Works on Bing's AI-Driven Chat-Based Search." It covers Microsoft's new AI chat feature and how it will incorporate advertisements on it that they hope will increase purchases for advertisers. It's currently in preview mode.

Perloff writes about Kya Sainsbury-Carter's (VP of Microsoft Advertising) perspective on the digital advertising landscape. Sainsbury-Carter believes, "Advertisers don’t want to be disrupted right now. Marketers are tired; they have less resources. People aren’t really looking for wild disruption, but rather an evolution and transformation that helps move their businesses forward."
Black background with an image of a laptop in the foreground. On the laptop screen is an image of a string of hut-like villas connected by bridges in the middle of beautiful blue water and next to an island. WowYow's computer vision is demonstrated, showing that the technology can identify that this location is Sandals, Jamaica. It can lead you to the specific resort that is in the image so you can book a room and you can purchase airline tickets. There are image bubbles over the screen that offer related/recommended products for the user viewing the screen, like a beach umbrella, sunscreen, and sunglasses. WowYow's logo is at the bottom of the image.
WowYow can make any visual content (images, videos, text, etc.) interactive and shoppable, increasing user engagement and optimizing purchase potential.

The rise of AI in advertising and publishing is moving fast, and companies like Microsoft are only beginning to explore the surface of new ad formats. We, at WowYow AI, have developed new, interactive ad units since our inception. We're excited that the media landscape is becoming more open to trying new things, and we would love to contribute to the growing demand for what Sainsbury-Carter describes as "an evolution and transformation that helps move business forward."

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While companies like Microsoft are in beta-mode, testing their new AI ad solutions, WowYow has a catalogue of unique ad units that can engage audiences and increase CTR NOW. We understand that marketers are skeptical of disruptions in the media landscape for now, which is why we only enhance current advertising processes with AI, rather than changing the rules of the game.

We encourage advertisers to get ahead of the curve now because interactive AI ad tech will only grow from here. As AI experts, WowYow offers their hand in support of those who thrive on innovation and are looking to explore a safe, credible, and effective ways to improve advertising strategies.

WowYow's mission is to provide accessible and affordable AI solutions for all. Take a look at our product page to look for advertising solutions for you and your business or schedule a meeting with one of our experts to assess your needs.