WowYow Supports Women in Tech

WowYow sponsors a program that teaches women how to code, a project created by their own platform developer, Ivana Sanković.
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In June of 2022, the WowYow team in Serbia completed their third successful programming workshop for women. The workshops were put on by Project: Classroom, a company created by one of our very own employees, Ivana Sanković. As one of our platform developers, Sanković has a passion for tech, and she took the initiative to start this amazing program. Her vision of gender equality in the tech industry aligns with our mission to democratize AI, so we were extremely excited to become a sponsor.

“I liked the workshop, the practical application of knowledge, communicative and relaxed atmosphere. Even for someone who has no prior knowledge in the subject, it is useful to attend the workshop and participate, especially for someone who is unsure whether it would be a good career choice for them or not.” - Ivana, Student

These workshops are meant to give young women a chance to learn about the basics of computer programming in a supportive environment, encouraging them to find roles in the tech industry.

As a growing leader in tech, WowYow wants to promote diversity and inclusion in the rising use of AI. We understand that we have the power and responsibility to make a difference, and we will continue to look for new ways to support our communities.


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