WowYow's AI For Audience Development

Learn how WowYow's AI can extract metadata to enhance advertising and publishing processes.
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Watch to learn how partners utilize WowYow’s Ai & Visual Search Technology for audience development.

Every video on a partner's site is automatically analyzed by WowYow’s Visual AI. Our AI finds all valuable data points in a video and creates up to 80 unique & NEW metadata per 1 minute of video. By indexing what’s inside the video, WowYow creates new opportunities to connect users to content and commerce. In this example, our Visual AI indexed the Pocket Aces seen throughout this video. This created the perfect opportunity for audience development. With AI, WowYow’s technology found additional content on the publisher's website about pocket aces and seamlessly linked the index to the destination.

What you are looking at is a video posted on a publisher partner’s websites that has one of WowYow’s visual search interfaces enabled. Viewers search simply by scrolling through the images below and clicking on anything of interest. When the viewer clicks, they are taken to a new page and video about Pocket Aces. For publishers, this is the holy grail, keeping users engaged and on-site longer; in addition, each new page view results in additional revenue.

And that’s audience development with WowYow.