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In 2022, WowYow set out to claim its place in the Web3 community. Entering a partnership with, the two companies worked together to form a streamlined process for Web3 users to generate, sell, and track NFTs (non-fungible tokens), using two of WowYow’s newest products: the Content Metadata Studio and the Web3 Distribution Kit

WowYow’s Content Metadata Studio is an innovative tool for content creators looking to enter the Web3 frontier. The product allows users to generate and mint NFTs from any type of visual content, whether that be images, or video, assigning each NFT a global ID. The Web3 Distribution Kit enables users to securely distribute their assets throughout the Web3 ecosystem. WowYow has combined these products in their Web3 Bundle, empowering content creators to mint, master, and track NFTs, making the transition from Web2 to Web3 as simple as possible. The end result is in line with WowYow’s mission to make applied AI solutions accessible to all, as they are leveling the Web3 playing field for all Internet users.

WowYow and Venly have made great progress so far, having released two NFT collections within the past few months. Their first NFT release with 50/50 Global Musik featured Qwes Kross’ music video, “Dance Like Michael.” Kross requested that each frame he was in be turned into an NFT. WowYow’s computer vision AI used face recognition to identify Qwes throughout the video, assigning a unique global ID to each frame he was in. You can now purchase one of these NFTs, which entitles holders to share in 20% of the publishing for this exclusive single.

WowYow’s second release stemmed from their partnership with the Del Valle Independent School District. Singer Larissa Martin’s music video, “FREE,” was used to generate NFTs for the Del Valle Record Company Collection. You can now purchase one of these NFTs to support the African Renaissance & Diaspora Network with 50% of the gross proceeds going to benefit the Global Artists for Change Refugee Fund.

This partnership will serve as a case study that exhibits WowYow’s unique ability to assign global IDs to NFT assets and stream that metadata across the Web3 environment. WowYow continues to support their clients and partners, empowering them to explore the opportunities within Web3.

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