Motion API

Revolutionize the way you capture motion.


The Wowyow Motion API allows users to capture human motion from video and convert it to 3D animated assets for use in applications such as video game development and animation. All you need to do is upload a video (mp4, mov, avi, etc) and we’ll return the assets to you within no time. This product allows for markerless motion capture, lowering the costs and providing faster results for animation, gaming, or virtual production. ‍

Key Benefits

Save time: No need to locate and travel to a Motion Capture Studio. 

Save money: Due to our ability to generate 3D from just a single camera feed or video, we have drastically reduced the costs involved. No more studios packed with thousands of dollars of equipment.

No equipment: Forget about the camera arrays, lighting setups, infrared cameras and spandex suits, we don’t need them. You can record your video anytime, anywhere using just a single camera.

Rapid accessibility: Upload your video from any location and have your 3D assets available within minutes or even seconds, allowing for rapid experimentation and expedited workflows.


The Motion API provides users with rapid access to 3D animated characters (FBX), their associated motion files (BVH), and even 3D keypoint data for detailed analysis of motion.

The FBX are easily imported to all major game and animation engines, and allow their motion to be retargeted to various character meshes.

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