Sports Analytics for Coaches

WowYow helps a sports client enhance their players' performance by giving them the tools they need to execute corrective strategies.
Sports Analytics for Coaches


Use Case

Sports Analytics for Coaches


WowYow's computer vision AI identifies, captures, and tracks human movement through time.

Business Logic

Client can compare and contrast recognizable movement patterns to shape meaning and improve performance.


Client H is a college soccer coach that needs help analyzing their players' performance. They want to be able to recognize patterns of movement that lead to poor/positive outcomes. WowYow has a simple solution that will allow Client H to obtain the information they need and offer ways to improve their training.


Below are some questions we may ask to find what you're looking for. At WowYow, we offer a personal consultant service so that you get direct guidance and your exact desired outcome.

WowYow (WY): Hi there! We're glad that you chose us to help you with your AI needs. First, a couple of questions so we can get the best solutions for you. 
Why do you want to track your players' motion?
Client H (H): Because I want to know what physical actions lead to poor performance.
WY: Is this something you need to know live, or can it be analyzed after you send us a video file?
H: Since this is for training purposes, we can start with post-game footage.
WY: Great! Would you also like us to provide potential player analysis for scouting purposes?
H: Yes! If we could feed all video files in for analysis and provide what we are looking for in movement performance, that would be a huge win!

Creating a Solution

WowYow has learned that Client H wants to understand movement patterns that usually lead to poor performance, whether that be being in the wrong position, breaking a rule, or deviating from the game plan. They also want to analyze video to identify potential players worth recruiting. Because of these key factors, WowYow would recommend the following solutions:

Applied Solution Recommendations: 

AI Studio

This product is what will take Client H's video footage, track key points of movement, generate motion metadata, and compare this data with external information in order to compare/contrast recognizable movements.

‍Person Detector

This product uses computer vision AI to detect people; therefore, Client H can use this to identify specific players in the video.

Object Detector

This product uses computer vision AI to detect objects. This will be needed to detect things like goals, balls, flags, and more in correlation with player performance.

‍‍Motion API

This product is what will deliver structured motion data as an output to be used in any desired (WowYow or 3rd party) platform.