100% Video Ad Fill

A popular online political news publisher needed to fill unsold ad inventory.
100% Video Ad Fill



Media & Advertising


A Major News Publisher


WowYow applied their Contextual Exchange to fill 100% of the client's ad space, increasing their revenue and automating the advertising process.

Client Profile

Client: A Major News Publisher

Industry: Media & Advertising

About: The client is popular American political news destination with 100M+ monthly video views.

Product: Contextual Exchange

The Challenge

The client, like many publishers, struggled with unfilled pre-roll inventory. There was an extreme amount of potential for ads to be used on their site, but they had no advertisers to fill most of those spaces. This is a common issue that today's publishers face, resulting in unfilled video ad inventory and uncaptured revenue. What they needed was connections and clicks.

Applied Solution

WowYow connected the client to advertisers that had relevant content to display on their site. This was possible through WowYow's Contextual Exchange, which is an entire network of advertisers and publishers. This product makes it easy to connect advertisers to publishers and use metadata to provide audiences with relevant advertisements, resulting in higher CPMs (cost per mille). This automated the advertising process, as our API (Application Programming Interface) automatically generates ads or pulls from our existing members and inserts their ads into the client's inventory. Each ad is created through WowYow, so you know that your brand health is safe.


WowYow was able to provide and fill 100% of the ad inventory on the client's site. This means all video inventory (impressions) sent to WowYow were purchased by an advertiser, maximizing the client's revenue. The client requested 162 million impressions, and WowYow delivered 162 million impressions. 100% ad fill, 100% success.

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