Keyword Search In Video, the second-largest contextual advertising in the world, needed to reach online video audiences with their keyword search demand.
Keyword Search In Video



Media & Advertising



WowYow used their Contextual Exchange to connect to a network of publishers and serve their keyword search demand within its video and ad placements.

Client Profile


Industry: Media & Advertising

About: is the second-largest contextual advertising network in the world and uses search clients as their primary demand.

Product: Contextual Exchange

The Challenge

As a leading advertising company, needed a way to reach online video audiences in order to fulfill the demand for keyword search. The challenge begins with connecting advertisers to publishers and finding the right ads for the right videos.

Applied Solution

WowYow supplied with their very own network of publishers through WowYow's Contextual Exchange. By harnessing the power of WowYow's ad technology and available premium publisher ad inventory, WowYow was able to deliver search ads against top content verticals, such as news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and business. This was done by using's search demand within its video ad placements.

Results ads were served on over 500,000 videos and made over 450 million impressions across 1,500 leading websites (i.e. The Hill, Rolling Stone,, AJC, Merriam-Webster, CBS Local, ESPN, and more). They searched for success, and the results came back with WowYow.

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