4 Problems With Hollywood's Current Mocap Technology

Learn about the pros and cons of current mocap tech. We'll tell you exactly how you can access affordable and accurate mocap solutions.
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The person on the left is putting on a motion capture suit. The suit has detectors that will sense and track the actor's movement.

How do filmmakers create entirely new worlds? How do they make superheroes fly? How do they make humans into monsters? How do they animate such realistic characters?

If you guessed visual effects (VFX), then you’re correct! If you get even more specific, it’s motion capture (mocap) technology that allows for all these amazing designs to come to life. For our readers who may not know what motion capture is, it’s basically tracking and recording the movements of people or objects

While current motion capture technologies are certainly amazing and help create beautiful cinematic visuals, there are many issues. In this article, we’ll explain the biggest problems associated with current mocap technology AND what solutions are available for filmmakers. 

Why is current mocap technology just not good enough?

#1 Cost

Like most things, one of the biggest challenges of using mocap technology is cost. The equipment required for motion capture is expensive and requires a lot of resources. This includes cameras, motion capture suits, and software. The cost of hiring skilled technicians and actors to perform the motion capture is also significant. As a result, large production houses and studios that can afford it, have been gatekeeping this technology, making it inaccessible to smaller independent filmmakers.

#2 No Detailed Movements

While motion capture technology is excellent at capturing human movement, it is limited in its ability to capture complex actions and movements. For example, it struggles to capture the movements of individual fingers and hands. Usually, animation experts have to go back and clean up these visuals, otherwise there will be a noticeable difference in the quality of the animation. 

#3 Inaccurate Data

Even with skilled technicians and actors, motion capture technology is not always accurate. The motion capture suit and cameras can sometimes fail to capture certain movements, resulting in inaccurate data. This can lead to inconsistencies in the animation. If the data is not captured or processed correctly, the final animation can be flawed and require further editing, leading to additional costs and delays in the production process.

#4 Facial Expressions

Motion capture technology is excellent at capturing human movement, but it can struggle to capture the nuances of facial expressions and emotions. This can lead to animated characters looking stiff or emotionless, which can detract from the realism of the animation. And again, professionals will have to go back and edit the animation, taking more time and costing more money.

There’s a solution!

WowYow’s mission is to make AI accessible and affordable for all. We’ve identified these problems in the film industry and have created an innovative solution that can fix all these issues.

Yes, that means we have a technology that is more affordable, more accessible, and more accurate. It’s called Motion Studio, and it’s a solution that provides both AI mocap software for studios AND a motion marketplace where actors and movers can create, upload, and license their own movement templates.

How did we do this? Well, over the past year, our software engineers have worked tirelessly to create an innovative solution to the film industry’s VFX problems. We built a technology that can capture motion without markers, mocap suits, big studios, or special cameras. 

All you need is a regular camera - even your phone! Our computer vision technology will do the rest. To learn more about our Motion Studio and how our AI technology works, please click here!

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