Applying Markerless Motion Capture to Video Game Development

WowYow uses markerless motion capture to create motion templates for video game animation.
Applying Markerless Motion Capture to Video Game Development


Use Case

Applying Markerless Motion Capture to Video Game Development


WowYow's computer vision AI analyzes pre-recorded or live video to capture movement and generate motion metadata.

Business Logic

WowYow uses motion metadata to develop a motion file that video game developers can apply to meshes across a variety of video game development platforms.


Client B comes to WowYow to find an AI solution for their animation needs. Because motion capture studios charge anywhere from $10k-$30k a day, a smaller company, like Client B, needs a cost-effective way to animate motion. WowYow uses their computer vision AI to analyze Client B's video content in order to create motion templates for Client B to use for their video game characters.


Below are some questions we may ask to find what you're looking for. At WowYow, we offer a personal consultant service so that you get direct guidance and your exact desired outcome.

WowYow (WY): Hi there! We're glad that you chose us to help you with your AI needs. First, a couple of questions so we can get the best solutions for you.
Are you looking for a solution for animation, gaming, or virtual production?
Client B (B): Video game animation. We are creating a wrestling video game.
WY: How do you typically create movement for your characters?
B: Either mocap studios or manual animation.
WY: Okay, let's find a better solution that will save you time and money! Are you trying to create new motion files/templates or would you like to see what we already have available?
B: We'd like to create new motion templates for each of our characters because they have specific movement patterns.
WY: Do you have pre-recorded videos of their movements that you can send us, or do you want to capture the movement in real time?
B: We have pre-recorded videos for all our characters. 
WY: What platform are you using to develop your game?
B: The Unreel Engine.

Creating a Solution

WowYow has learned that Client B needs motion templates for each character in their new video game. Client B will be providing WowYow with all pre-recorded footage of the movement that needs to be packaged into templates for Client B's use. Because of these key factors, WowYow would recommend the following solution:

Applied Solution Recommendations: 

AI Studio

This product is what will take Client B's video footage, track key points of movement, generate motion metadata, and transform it into a motion file.

Motion API

This product is what will take the motion file from the AI Studio, generate a template, and transfer the file directly into preferred gaming platforms, like the Unreel Engine. Then, Client B can apply these templates to any character mesh.