Sales Intelligence

AI + Contextual Data for Media Pros to Maximize Revenue!

Attention all media sales professionals! Are you tired of the same old sales strategies that fail to deliver the desired results?

Well, look no further than Sales Intel, the ultimate solution to unlock the full revenue potential of your websites and ad inventory. Sales Intel is a comprehensive and versatile AI-powered toolbox designed to empower media sales professionals with actionable and contextual intelligence.

With Sales Intel, you gain access to cutting-edge technology that encompasses three powerful contextual tools: Contextual Search, Recommendations, and Segments. This product by WowYow AI provides you with contextual intelligence about your publisher content and audience behaviors. Our tools allow you to build custom contextual segments that include keywords, segmentation by both IAB V1 & V2 categories, and more.

Sales Intel enables advertisers to match how they buy media across Amazon's E-commerce Taxonomy and Facebook Interests, allowing buyers to create similar audiences across publisher domains and content they want to target.

By investing in Sales Intel, you can maximize your sales pipeline and surpass revenue goals with ease. Our user-friendly multi-tool product boasts seamless integration and real-time results, empowering you to optimize your time and resources, ensuring maximum efficiency and success.

Discover the Secrets to Revenue Growth in Media Sales with WowYow AI's Free Sales Intel eBook: Unlock the Power of Contextual Data and Optimize Your Sales Strategy with AI-Powered Tools - Build Custom Contextual Segments, Target Advertising Clients, Deliver Targeted Campaigns, and Maximize Your Revenue Potential!

Ready to see it in action? Book a hassle-free demo today. Simply schedule time with a WowYow expert below to see firsthand just how impactful our product can be for your business.  

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