A powerful tool for content analysis and monetization.


Using one simple line of code, the process of content scanning, analyzing, and creation of a new dynamic supply source are all done automatically. This new found supply source is then instantly connected to engagement and monetization opportunities, helping publishers increase audience engagement and maximize revenue immediately.

Go beyond offering a one-dimensional viewing experience on your web properties. Transform content into something richer, and more engaging, by empowering viewers to explore, discover and shop the context of a visual content. With WowYow, you turn viewers into interactors and earn revenue when viewers engage with their onscreen interests.

Simple, turn-key and built with publishers in mind. Deploy one single Pixel or Ad Tag on any owned and operated web property, and WowYow handles the rest. No additional development work is required once the pixel has been added.


  • Content Analysis
  • Content Augmentation
  • Content Monetization

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WowYow uses computer vision AI to accumulate important global metadata that can help maintain National Security.
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