Introducing WowYow's Media & Advertising Division

From ad tech to Web3, WowYow has pushed the limits of what AI can do for the media & advertising industry.
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At the start of our journey, the question WowYow asked itself was: "Why can’t I search what’s inside a video?" This one, seemingly-simple question became the foundation of an entirely new way of thinking about visual content and the opportunities available within it.

WowYow was originally created to completely change how we experience and monetize visual content to deliver a powerful, unique experience, both for businesses and consumers on the other side of the screen. Now, as our company continues to grow, we have established our own Media & Advertising Division to give focus to the industries that got us to where we are today.


WowYow’s technology gives media clients easy access to contextual data that can help with tasks related to data privacy, ad relevancy, and content monetization.

Our Media solutions are built with the vision that metadata and the context it provides could unite the entire digital landscape by increasing the searchability, marketability, and profitability of visual content.

We’ve worked with thousands of leading advertising and media companies to create a flourishing ecosystem that puts innovation first. Over the years we’ve applied these principles and technologies to deploy products like…

Interactive and Shoppable Videos, Immersive Web Experiences, A Contextual Exchange, and A Content Metadata Studio….And we’re not stopping there. 


Having built a strong foundation in the world of ad tech, we are excited to explore other fields of interest. Going forward, the WowYow Media & Advertising Division is dedicated to pursuing projects, not only involving ad tech, but in the unlimited landscape that media has to offer. 

In 2022, alone, we’ve made great strides, creating new products and building new partnerships. Our Content Metadata Studio is just one example of the many steps we’ve taken outside of ad tech. The platform caters to content creators in the Web3 community who want to mint, master, and track NFTs. We are also developing a Motion API that will transform the way media companies digitize motion. 

By expanding our fields of interest, we are not only growing as a company, but we are pushing our mission forward: to make AI accessible to all.