A New Sweet & SaaSy Platform

WowYow is releasing their M.A.D. platform this February, offering SaaS products to empower those in the media & advertising industry.
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As the landscape of the media and advertising industry continues to change in 2023, adaptation has never been more important. According to the IAB, digital media companies are making great efforts this year to save money and find more efficient ways to conduct business. What’s their solution? AI. 

WowYow, a leading tech company in the media and advertising industry, provides products that help people work more efficiently, save on expenses, and maximize revenue. Generative AI - in particular - is trending, a form of AI that generates information. WowYow has used their patented technology to generate valuable metadata from its inception, and now they are bringing this technology right into the hands of their clients.

WowYow has always offered a managed service to their clients, but this year, they are taking it to a whole new level. Now known as WowYow AI, the company plans on offering their solutions through two pathways:  their original WowYow-managed service and/or a new user-friendly, self-service platform. WowYow’s upcoming SaaS (software as a service) platform will be revolutionary for clients who wish to have a more hands-on role while using WowYow’s innovative AI tools. This platform will house all their solutions for their Media and Advertising Division (M.A.D.). WowYow plans on rolling out their media product lines through their M.A.D. platform, starting this month. Their new SaaS model will empower users to manage and customize their solutions and subscriptions. 

Each quarter, WowYow will release products that reflect the needs of the market, including content monetization, distribution, analysis, augmentation, and development.  For their first quarter, the company is focusing on the demand for content analysis. The first product to be released on the SaaS platform will be their Contextual API, a tool that helps clients analyze specific content and receive valuable outputs via an API. [Learn more about this product here]

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