WowYow Outlines Their Exciting Partnership with Compass Digital

Read about how the WowYow + Digital Compass partnership will help advertisers and publishers maximize revenue and increase audience engagement.
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Last week, WowYow announced their new partnership with Compass Digital, a distinguished digital marketing agency. With WowYow’s innovative AI adtech and Compass Digital’s digital marketing expertise, their partnership is sure to make a significant mark in the media & advertising industry.

The Plan

Going forward, Compass Digital will have access to WowYow’s Contextual Exchange, offering both SSP and DSP solutions for Compass Digital clients. The Contextual Exchange is WowYow’s cutting-edge AI solution, designed to connect advertisers and publishers and give them direct access to DSP and SSP tools. With access to the exchange, Compass Digital will now be able to leverage cost-effective and easy-to-use tech within their own media ecosystem.

Key Benefits of the Contextual Exchange

WowYow’s Contextual Exchange is the first of its kind, providing both privacy-safe, contextual data and high-performing adtech solutions. Compass Digital is taking advantage of a lot of key benefits of the exchange, including the following:

Access to Relevant Premium Ad Inventory

This product contains the jackpot of ad inventory for digital advertisers. WowYow’s AI technology actually filters out irrelevant ad space, and all of the inventory that is offered is brand-safe. Automating advertisements has never been easier, and ads can be seen through in-app, CTV, web, and mobile applications.

Cookie-less, Contextual Targeting

WowYow has always been ahead of the game, providing cookieless solutions since its inception. With privacy laws drastically changing the way companies extract, utilize, and sell data, people have become desperate to find an effective solution. Contextual targeting is actually a lot more effective because of its ability to analyze user behavior and interests in real time. Compass Digital will now be able to offer their clients WowYow’s extensive, contextual targeting options: lookalike audiences, IAB codes, keywords, device targeting, geo-targeting, OS targeting, and more.

Extensive Options for Basic & Unique Ad Formats

One of the reasons WowYow stands out amongst other adtech companies is because of their comprehensive list of ad format options. From familiar banner ads to interactive video ads, Compass Digital clients now have the ability to engage with their audiences with whichever format works best for them. To view WowYow’s full list of ad formats, visit

Advanced Analytics

WowYow’s Contextual API delivers accurate and accessible information in order for the advertising client to get a better understanding of user behaviors and the success of their own marketing efforts. Within WowYow’s Contextual Exchange, Compass Digital clients will now be able to customize their analytics, leveraging the power of data without having to be a tech expert.

Join the Contextual Exchange

Any digital advertiser or publisher looking for a cookieless ad exchange that shows results should consider WowYow’s Contextual Exchange. Combined with Compass Digital’s marketing expertise, WowYow’s DSP and SSP solutions will undoubtedly maximize revenue and increase audience engagement, all while guaranteeing user privacy and brand safety.

If you’re interested in joining WowYow’s Contextual Exchange, schedule a free demo today! Feel free to contact us here or reach out to us at