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Monetize Video with unique and standard video ad units.


WowYow’s Video Ad Products Line is meant to enhance the visibility, marketability, and profitability of publisher video content. You don’t have to lift a finger. WowYow’s computer vision AI will automatically analyze the visual content you already have and apply relevant advertisements using the methods listed below:

Product Line: Video Ads


Places an ad before publisher video starts playing.

Visual Search

Creates new ad inventory by identifying people, objects, locations, or text that can be linked to a potential advertisement. If users are curious, all they have to do is pause the video and click on the entity they want to know more about.

Video Carousel

Brings a unique, revolving ad space to video content. Viewers can click on any ad in the carousel to check out products/businesses related to or featured in the video.

Video Zoom

Automatically zoom into potential ad inventory, like logos in the video's background. This showcases a relevant ad in connection with the identified logo.

Slide-Down Banner

Slides a banner down from the publisher's original content so that it's not taking up visual space in the video, adding a twist to the standard banner ad placement.

Pre-Play Banner

Inserts a standard banner ad before publisher video starts playing.

Video Overlay Banner

Inserts a standard banner ad while publisher video is playing.

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