Ad Inventory Creation For Publishers

WowYow's computer vision AI can actively find all visual content on a page and when combined with WowConnect we can create new ad space within publisher content.
Ad Inventory Creation For Publishers


Use Case

Ad Inventory Creation


WowYow's computer vision AI analyzes all visual content on the publisher's site to gather metadata about their content.

Business Logic

WowYow uses WowConnect to create new ad space within visual content and the metadata within its Contextual Exchange to serve contextually relevant ads in the created ad space.


Client D is a publisher, running a lifestyle website. All of their current ad space has been filled, and they need WowYow to find more ways to monetize their content. After consultation, WowYow advises Client D on how to generate more opportunities for ad creation while maximizing ad revenue.


Below are some questions we may ask to find what you're looking for. At WowYow, we offer a personal consultant service so that you get direct guidance and your exact desired outcome.

WowYow (WY): Hi there! We're glad that you chose us to help you with your AI needs. First, a couple of questions so we can get the best solutions for you. 
Are you looking to monetize your content?
Client D (D): Yes, but all our ad space is filled.
WY: Don’t worry. We have a solution for that! What content type(s) are you trying to monetize?
D: Video.
WY: Is your company open to new and innovative ad formats?
D: Yes, we love innovative solutions and are very interested in new forms of monetization.‍
WY: In addition to new ad formats, does your company want to serve contextually relevant ads?
D: That sounds great. 

Creating a Solution 

WowYow has learned that Client D wants to monetize video content, but all their current ad space has already been filled. They are also open to new forms of ad monetization and contextual based solutions. Because of these key factors, WowYow would recommend the following solutions:

Applied Solution Recommendations: 


A powerful pixel that enables content analysis, augmentation, user interactivity, and traffic acquisition. This will help create new ad space on top of visual content. 

‍Contextual Exchange

The exchange is a network of publishers and advertisers that will automatically connect the new ad space on Client D’s website to relevant advertisers. This means that Client D's site will automatically feature relevant ads within their content.

Video Ad Products

Visual Search

This video ad format is a shoppable and searchable video. Everything seen within video are new ad opportunities that can be connected to ad partners for monetization. 

Video Carousel

This video ad format brings a unique, revolving ad space to video content. Viewers can click on any ad in the carousel to check out products/businesses related to or featured in the video.

Video Zoom

This video ad format automatically zooms into potential ad inventory, like logos in the video's background. This showcases a relevant ad in connection with any identified person, place, product, etc.

‍Slide-Down Banner

This video ad format is a twist on standard banner ad placement. A banner is meant to slide down from Client D's content, so it's not taking up visual space in the video.