Fill 100% Ad Space

WowYow can automatically fill 100% of publisher ad space with relevant ads.
Fill 100% Ad Space


Use Case

Fill 100% Ad Space


WowYow's computer vision AI analyzes the publisher's site (video, images, text) to extract valuable metadata about their content.

Business Logic

WowYow uses metadata to power its Contextual Exchange and fill all potential ad space with contextual demand.


Client G is a publisher, running a sports website. They have millions of monthly video views, but over 40% of their ad inventory goes unmonetized. They need help filling 100% of their available ad inventory. After consultation, WowYow advises Client G on how to fill their ad space and maximize ad revenue.


Below are some questions we may ask to find what you're looking for. At WowYow, we offer a personal consultant service so that you get direct guidance and your exact desired outcome.

WowYow (WY): Hi there! We're glad that you chose us to help you with your AI needs. First, a couple of questions so we can get the best solutions for you.
Are you looking to monetize your content?
Client G (G): Yes,  we're having trouble filling 100% of our ad space. We only monetize about 60% of our available inventory.
WY: We can solve that problem for you! What content type(s) are you trying to monetize?
G: Video.
WY: What type of ad units are you currently using for monetization?
G: We only monetize with Pre-Roll inventory right now.‍
WY: Great! We have over 10,000 demand partners (direct, performance, and programmatic) within our Contextual Exchange that can help monetize 100% of your Pre-Roll inventory.
G: That sounds great.

Creating a Solution:

WowYow has learned that Client G wants to monetize video content and they are struggling to fill all of their ad space. Their available inventory is Pre-Roll video. Because of these key factors, WowYow would recommend the following product/solutions:

Applied Solution Recommendations: 

‍Contextual Exchange

The exchange is a network of publishers and advertisers that will automatically connect Client G to relevant advertisers. This means that Client G's site will automatically feature relevant ads within their content. The Contextual Exchange has endless amounts of performance-based demand to help fill 100% of Client G's ad space.

‍Video Ad Products


This video ad product places an ad before Client G's video starts playing.