Minting NFTs

WowYow uses specific detectors to identify client's desired featured entities, allowing them to create assets for minting their NFTs.
Minting NFTs


Use Case

Minting NFTs


WowYow's computer vision analyzes video to identify people, places, objects, etc.

Business Logic

WowYow uses specific detectors to identify client's desired featured entities, allowing them to create assets (frames) for minting NFTs.


Client A approaches WowYow because they want to mint NFTs. Upon consultation, WowYow finds out that Client A wants to create NFTs from a video, minting specific frames containing their main character. Client A hasn't had much experience with NFTs or Web3, so WowYow advises them on how they can save money, mint their specific NFT requests, and have a smooth transition into the Web3 space.


Below are some questions we may ask to find what you're looking for. At WowYow, we offer a personal consultant service so that you get direct guidance and your exact desired outcome.

WowYow (WY): Hi there! We're glad that you chose us to help you with your AI needs. First, a couple of questions so we can get the best solutions for you. Do you have much experience with NFTs, crypto, and/or Web3?
Client A: No, this is my first time.
WY: Great! We're happy to guide you through your Web3 journey. What type of content creator are you?
A: I am a musician in a rock band.
WY: Awesome! What type of content assets do you have available (songs, music videos, images)?
A: We have a bunch of songs and music videos.
WY: Great! We can use music videos as your master asset. This will help us generate new derivative work that you can use as NFTs. In this case, we would use video frames as your assets for NFT minting. Would you like to mint all frames or only particular ones?
A: Particular ones. I want to mint all the frames containing our lead singer, Diane. 

Creating a Solution

WowYow has learned that Client A wants to mint all the frames containing Diane in their music video. They also don't have any previous experience in the Web3 space. Because of these key factors, WowYow would recommend the following solutions:

Applied Solution Recommendations: 

Content Metadata Studio

This product is what will allow Client A to have an easy way to upload assets, analyze the master to generate data, create derivative works, and attach a global ID to each asset.

Person Detector

Client A has made it clear that they only want to mint frames with a specific character. WowYow can save them time and money by only applying their person detector rather than activating all possible detectors. This application will allow WowYow's computer vision AI to identify all the frames with Diane in the given music video.

Web3 Distribution Kit

This product is what can transfer Client A's NFTs into Web3 and the various platforms where the NFTs can be bought/sold.

Venly Wallet

Venly's Wallet is a product we offer through WowYow's partnership with Venly. It empowers users to step into the Web3 space and buy/sell NFTs using USD in a secure way.