Powerful AI to identify, index, search and monetize video and images

WowYow’s Visual AI Technology scans visual content to unlock new supply and demand sources, solving some of the most pressing digital media problems in the industry today.

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WowYow’s proprietary Visual AI Technology combines these four key computer science fields:

  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Visual Search
  • Visual Augmentation

An inside look at the technology’s powerful components:

OUR Vision

WowYow was created to completely change how we experience and monetize visual content to deliver a powerful, unique experience, both for businesses and consumers on the other side of the screen.

While WowYow started in the digital media space to identify visual elements in online video, we are growth-minded. WowYow’s Visual AI Technology is designed to be scalable, and the long-term vision is to extend our functionality for use with a variety of visual mediums, including:

The question we asked ourselves at the start of our journey: "Why can’t I search what’s inside a video?" has turned into the creation of an entirely new way of thinking about visual content and the opportunities available within it.

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