5 Myths About AI

Learn about the 5 biggest misconceptions about AI. WowYow's goal is to break down these myths and make AI more accessible to you.
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AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be a very polarized subject; either you’re fascinated by it, or you have no interest whatsoever. Oftentimes, people are turned off by the idea of AI because of the initial image that pops into everyone’s head: a mega-complicated subject only rocket scientists can figure out, robots that will take over the world, artificial people stealing human jobs. You get the picture.

There is a lot of confusion out there about AI, and WowYow is here to debunk these AI myths. Let’s dive in…

AI can be super smart, but it’s better to use it as a tool rather than a human replacement. The best way to use AI is to use it in conjunction with humans. At WowYow, we’ve been successful by using what we call “Applied Intelligence.” We believe that applying personal business schemas to our AI technology maintains good service and cost-effective solutions. There’s nothing artificial about what we do. We need employees to help our clients develop a plan of action, engineers to apply these business schemas to our technology, and managers to make sure all these processes are running smoothly.

Like any new technology, the development of AI can definitely shift types of labor. However, studies show that AI is expected to create more jobs than shift them. So no need to worry!

You absolutely do NOT need to be an expert to use AI. This is a very common misconception. To be fair, many companies will try to make advanced AI less accessible to the public. However, most of us use AI every day without even knowing it!

While being a software engineer or programmer helps implement AI a certain way, WowYow’s tech isn’t just built for people in these particular professions. We understand there are all kinds of stakeholders in an organization and industry that we need to address, and we want to empower people to utilize AI.

To make AI solutions more accessible, we package AI products that have specific functions so that you know what your options are! We even provide a consultant service so that you communicate your needs to us directly, while we handle the tech side of things. Rather than overcomplicate our solutions, we simplify them, making them more digestible and cost-effective. 

Big companies have been gate-keeping AI for too long, and WowYow’s mission is to fix that.

If you’re looking for an AI solution for your business, check out our product page! I bet you’ll easily be able to understand the product and feel confident in applying it to your business.

Who doesn’t love a little sci-fi, am I right? Robots are probably the most common things we think of when we hear the words “artificial intelligence.” And while, yes, some engineers use AI to develop robots, AI can take many forms. 

Computer vision, for example, is a form of AI that WowYow uses to analyze visual content. Our computer vision AI can detect anything from objects to people to text - anything you can think of, really. We analyze this visual content to deliver valuable data back to you. Basically, our AI is meant to automate the detection and analysis processes. However, as I mentioned before, AI is best used in conjunction with humans. 

Our AI was developed and trained by our engineers. We have managers that actually use our AI to produce certain outputs. And someone has to start the input process. But most importantly, we develop a specific business schema to apply to our AI to produce personalized solutions to you and your business. 

Human logic + AI automation = effective use of AI.

So the short answer is no, AI is not really run by robots…or is it? Beep boop bop.

AI can help a lot of people, but it seems so inaccessible and expensive. Where do you start? People usually go to the big guys to seek solutions…but then they see the bill…Yowza!

This myth isn’t TOTALLY wrong. Many companies overcomplicate things or purposely package things in a way that makes their AI products much more expensive than they have to be. 

For example, let's say you are a media company who produces videos, images, and articles about auto content. You want a holistic view of your site and the aggregated data on all of the makes and models across your media. Some of the big computer vision names (*cough Amazon, Microsoft*) would charge you to use unnecessary detectors. This would not only take more time, but increase costs to analyze. You’ll also be buried in a mountain of data....data you DIDN’T ask for.

WowYow makes AI more accessible and cost-effective by adding a business schema to the AI solution. This way, you’re getting only the information you need. Not only does this eliminate costs for unnecessary data, but it saves time, too!

You’ll be surprised what AI can do. Even a small, simple solution can make a huge difference. Computer vision, alone, can create numerous solutions based on detection. It can identify hazards, aid in markerless motion capture, automate advertising processes, and much much more.

At WowYow, we use our AI technology for a number of use cases, and we’re always looking for more! We use AI to detect motion, text, objects, faces, and locations, generating valuable metadata. Our technology helps advertisers and publishers optimize ad revenue and target audiences. We’re currently applying our AI to help artists mint, master, and track NFTs!

WowYow’s AI technology can be applied to many industries: medicine, construction, film & television, media & advertising, education, travel, retail, and whatever else you can think of!

You’re only limited by your imagination!

Let's Break Down These AI Myths Together

WowYow’s mission is to democratize the use of AI so that everyone has easy, affordable access to it. AI can seem scary, expensive, and even inaccessible, but we want to disrupt these normalized views. YOU can easily use AI, and WE can make a difference together. Contact a representative today [here] or book a demo, and we’ll show you just how easy and affordable AI really is.