WowYow is the most advanced computer vision and visual AI Software for Publishers.

Our Visual AI has been desiged to increase the performance and earning capabilities for any/all video content on your site, regardless of the video player you use.

Weather you create or curate video content, LOOK technology adds value to any video asset featured on your web properties.

Using one simple line of code, the process of video scaning, analyzing, and creation of a new dynamic supply source are all done automatically.

This new found supply source is then instantly connected to engagement and monetization opportuities, helping publishers increase audience engagement and maximize revenue right away.

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Go beyond offering a one dimensional viewing experience of on your web properties. Transform video into something richer, and more engaging, by empowering viewers to explore, discover and shop what interests them most withing video.

With WowYow, you turn viewers into interactors, and earn revenue when viewers engage
with their onscreen interests.


Video is proven to be the leading medium to capturean audience's attention. Capitalize on those video assets and captive viewers by maximizing engagement and monetization efforts.

With LOOK Technology, new engagement and monetization opportunuties are identified in an instant. Each person, product, place, service and more within a video is a visual ad opportunity.

Once key opportunuties are identified within published videos. WowYow's porprietary video advertising technology connects the visual inventory to merchants in the WowYow Ad network who pay to receive traffic.

With this new dynamic supply unique to each video, your monetization opportunuties increase exponentially!


6% CTR

2017 Benchmark

8% CTR

2018 Benchmark

Outperforming display and preroll!

The LOOK Platform: A Next-Gen Supply Side Platform

Automated & Managed Services

Deploy one ad tag then let LOOK Technology handle the rest. Video scanning, analyzing, inventory generation, and monetization are all done automatically - allowing you to sit back and let your video assets work for you.

WowYow also provides our publisher partners with an account manager to assist in helping maximize engagement and ROI for your website.

Self-Service Platform

Using a DIY approach to engagement and monetization, publishers now have the ability to upload, tag, and link videos!

This unlocks endless possibilities to engage audiences, enhance branded campaigns, and bring your vision for an interactive video to life

How to work with us

Simple, turn-key and built with publishers in mind.

Deploy one single Ad Tag on any owned and operated web property, and the LOOK Platform handles the rest. No additional development work is required once the tag is added.

The easy-to-intall plug-in integrates seamlessly with ANY website and video player, and starts analyzing and monetizing content in an instant.

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